30A Bonfires at the Beach

gratuities-are-greatly-appreciatedHaving a beach bonfire is a memorable experience on your beach vacation to 30A. Walton County is one of the few counties in the state that allow bonfires on the beach. Because of this opportunity to have such a unique experience, clients can now call and book a beach bonfire and have superior service offered by Bonfires at The Beach 30A. Since the county has certain requirements, many folks choose to hire us to do the fires. All you have to do is call and book your date, location, time, and package of choice and everything will be handled for you. We follow all county ordinances. We set up your package of choice so that your fire is blazing and ready to go when you arrive to the beach.

Some have wondered if it is to hot to have a fire on the beach during summer time. It is actually quite the contrary. Because the beach has the nice seabreeze, it is a very enjoyable experience.

30A Beach Bonfires - The Rental Shop 30a Package A

Noahs Beach Bonfire Package $395

  • Legal county fire permit 10 wooden beach chairs
  • 3 Hours of Oak Firewood Cooler with waters on ice Smores
  • Roasting Sticks
  • Face/Hand Wipes gift box Table with Freshly washed custom logo Linen Music Speaker Tiki torches
  • Extra hour of wood for $ 50.00
30A Beach Bonfires - The Rental Shop 30a Package B

Ashley’s Bonfire Package $340

  • 2 Hours of Oak Firewood Firepit
  • 3 Setup and Clean Up Legal Permit
  • 6 Aluminum Chairs 6 foot table
  • Roasting Sticks
  • Face/Hand Wipes Gift Box Small Cooler
  • Add extra hour of wood for $ 50.00
  • Add extra aluminum chair for $ 8.00
30A Beach Bonfires - The Rental Shop 30a Package E

The Simple Beach Bonfire Package $245

  • Great to add additional items onto, or for groups with their own chairs!
  • 2 Hours of Oak Firewood Firepit Setup
  • 6 Foot Table with form fitted custom logo table cloth Roasting sticks
  • Add on options, cooler with ice and waters, chairs, tiki torches, and more.