Why choose Bonfires At The Beach 30A
over other companies?

We love to answer this!!!

Bonfires At The Beach 30A Owners1. We Have Competitive pricing

2. You Book directly with the owners Ashley & Noah – no 3rd party booking/middleman fees (HINT: If you’re booking through your property rental company or a concierge, then there is a chance you’re paying more than you should and the middleman is also making money.

3. All of our equipment is new. Since we do not offer beach service, our chairs are only used for our beach bonfire setups. This means the chairs are clean and new – not banged up, faded, and covered in sun tan lotion.

4. We (the owners) are local and will most likely be present to set up the fire. We want to make sure it’s done PERFECT.

5. We have earned over 150 FIVE STAR reviews. We always want happy clients. Your vacation is important to us. We want it to be all smiles for you. Our reviews are on real platforms – not fake reviews written on a website.

6. We use large fire pits – instead of choosing a cheaper 24 inch fire pit like we’ve seen the other guys do, we choose to spend more money on nicer and larger fire pits. It makes a difference when all the chairs are spread out.

7. We use OAK fire wood. It smokes less. We don’t want our clients coughing during their fire.

8. We bring a lot of firewood. Usually 4 hours’ worth. You don’t have to stay that long but its available if you need it.

9. Our blaze is bigger. Where other companies choose to drop a few logs down, we start fires with around 8 pieces of wood, and we bring enough wood for clients to keep at that momentum. If you’re spending 100’s of dollars on a fire, it should be a strong blaze, and last a decent amount of time. No puny fires here.

Bonfires At The Beach 30A Owners10. We are local. It’s a shame to see some companies lying to tourists by saying that they are local when they live out of state. This matters because:

  • We Don’t think it’s cool to lie to people
  • If there is an issue we can jump right in and fix it.
  • Staffing is difficult to find here. We’ve seen people flake at the last minute and walk off the job. If we were out of state, instead you might receive a phone call of a canceled fire. But, we never cancel fires! So by living local, we choose to do most everything ourselves to avoid headaches.
  • We are reliable. We have received panicked phone calls from out of town clients who have booked a fire with someone else and the company was either a no show or charged the credit card and wouldn’t answer calls afterwards. We came through for them and set up their fires.

Areas we serve: Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach, Crystal Beach, Destin, Seaside, Watercolor, Grayton Beach, Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Panama City Beach, Inlet Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, 30A, Seagrove Beach