2020 has thrown most of us through a loop, and if you had plans to hit the beach this summer, they’ve likely been delayed by social distancing or quarantine mandates. While those restrictions are beginning to lift, many still have concerns about how to return to the world after so long of trying to “slow the curve.” You may find yourself wondering whether it’s safe to return to the beach or how to go about that. Fortunately, we have tips for returning to the beach safely and having a great time.

Maintain Physical Distancing For Now

The beaches are open again, and outdoor public venues are safer than indoor public venues, but you still want to try to maintain physical distancing where you can. Keep six feet between yourself and anyone that you don’t live with to help continue to slow the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, this is a good rule for the beach anyway. Everyone loves to have their own spot and not to feel too crowded. Find a section of the beach for yourself and lay out your towels and umbrellas.

Pack a Face Mask in Your Beach Bag

You know all the beach essentials: sunscreen, flip flops, towels, sun hats…and a face mask. At least for now. Wearing a mask will help to protect you from the coronavirus as well as help protect others in the event that you’re asymptomatic. Of course, it can be hot at the beach, so make sure that you have a comfortable, breathable mask like a bamboo mask or a mask made by a sporting goods company for outdoor wear.

Wash Everything When You Get Home

It’s a good practice to wash your towel when you get home, anyway…after all, it’s been lying in the sand for hours. Most people rinse off before leaving the beach or as soon as they get home. But it’s a good idea to toss everything in the wash once you get home — towels, swimsuits, masks, and beach bags, in order to disinfect. You’ll have less pesky sand to worry about and less worries about contamination.


You’re at the beach again! There’s plenty of reason for caution in uncertain times like these, but there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to enjoy lifted restrictions and make the most of your beach trip. Why not rent a beach bonfire and make a night at the beach with your family, roasting s’mores and telling stories around the fire? And when you rent a sanitized beach bonfire from Bonfires at the Beach in the 30A area, you can have a rented beach bonfire, with set-up, takedown, and cleanup already taken care of, making it that much easier to safely return to the beach.

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